Have you ever heard of Wabi Sabi? It’s the Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfection, authenticity, and impermanence. It’s about accepting all that is and finding beauty in unexpected places.

Artists have embraced this through the practice of Kintsugi. Cracks in pottery are filled with gold dusted laquer, so flaws are enhanced and highlighted rather than repaired or hidden. The results are strikingly beautiful.

The Wabi-Sabi perspective appreciates darkness and decay. It finds value in what is aged, warped, cracked, or ugly. It is the understanding that flaws are lovely and that nothing lasts forever. It’s about process, placing emphasis on the journey rather than a destination– on being rather than doing.

In a culture that glorifies perfection and fake realities, Wabi Sabi is a refreshing and liberating perspecive! 

After all, we’re all perfectly imperfect. We’re all perpetual works in progress. Mistakes are inevitable, life is messy and hard, struggle is unavoidable. It’s futile and foolish to deny this or try to gloss over it. Adopt a Wabi-Sabi mindset: be your authentic self, celebrate the hard and ordinary bits of existence. Accept and allow what is. 

Pour some gold into your wounds and marvel at the wonder of  the journey.

Life is demanding. Especially for busy women who want to do and be their best. We believe in the power of community and the benefit of asking for help. We know that real change is multi-faceted. That's why we created Five Wands. We've combined our expertise so that your mind, body, money and home help you live your very best life!

With Joy and Encouragement,
Adina, Katrina, Camille and Roberta