Create Your Lemonade Lifestyle

…with our Digital Course

Are you going to explode if one more person asks you to do one more thing?

Are you snapping at your kids, cussing people out on the road, gritting your teeth while the slowest cashier EVER rings you up?

Do you feel tired and sad but aren’t sure why??

You're struggling.

Your energy is low. You’re stressing out about money. There’s never enough time.

You feel disorganized, unproductive, and uninspired.

Life is handing you a helluva lot of lemons and there seems to be no escape.

...Or is there?

What if you...

Stopped worrying about what other people think?

Had the motivation to get off your ass to workout?

Were organized enough to find your keys every morning?

Had the confidence to finally leave your job and pursue your dreams?

Girl, it’s time to make some lemonade out of those lemons!

We help women make life more delicious by zesting things up in four core areas:


Clear your mind and transform how you relate to your life. Sort through any emotional baggage that has gotten in the way of feeling happy, peaceful and purposeful. A healthy mind lays a solid foundation for all of life’s experiences.

-Identify and target limiting beliefs 

-Gain tools for stress management, 
emotional regulation, and healthy 

-Grow confidence 

-Gain clarity and set goals 

-Nourish your soul 


Develop a positive relationship with your body so that you can appreciate and support how it functions. A healthy body nourishes a healthy mind and provides you with the energy you need to accomplish all of the things you have to do. 

-Develop a healthy relationship with your body 

-Learn strategies for healthy eating 

-Recognize and address the physical effects of stress 

-Establish consistent exercise habits 

-Release unrealistic/unhealthy expectations


Build financial comfort and security. A healthy relationship with money helps you sustain the resources to be able to enjoy your life and not only meet your basic needs, but also give to others.

-Develop a healthy relationship with money 

-Set clear financial goals 

-Learn how to budget 

-Build good credit 

-Prepare for your financial future


Declutter your physical space. Eliminating the things you don’t need from your physical space clears mental space, which fuels motivation and creativity. A healthy home helps you feel calm, secure and confident.

-Learn how to make your home function more efficiently 

-How to declutter 

-Strategies for organization 

-Kitchen and Bedroom: addressing needs in these 
well-used spaces 

-Feng Shui, space clearing and energetic protection

Coming in 2020

Lemonade Lifestyle: Refreshing mind, body, money, & home

A digital course for women